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Electronic Medical Records

Supporting Your Practice

MicroMD EMR integrates with your practice management system to expedite care, enhance accuracy and improve reimbursement. Available as either client-server or web-based ASP software, MicroMD EMR is a scalable and flexible solution that allows you to improve efficiency, maximize growth and meet regulatory requirements.

Meaningful Use Functionality: Helping your practice earn reimbursement dollars

  • HITECH objective and menu set measure calculations and reporting
  • Clinical Quality Measure calculations and reporting

MicroMD Patient Portal: Flexible, two-way patient-to-practice communications help staff save time

  • Practice landing page
  • Secure login/Patient home page/Patient inbox
  • Customized forms module
  • Upload of CCD/CCR to share patient health records

Clinical Documentation: Choose the method that works for you

  • Multiple charting options, including templates, forms, speech recognition and handwriting recognition
  • Fast access to patient histories
  • Obtain and store patient signatures electronically

E&M Coding: Claim full reimbursement with confidence

  • A comprehensive, accurate E&M calculator
  • Health Maintenance, Alerts and Reminders: Promote healthy outcomes
  • Drug interactions, allergies, immunizations and more
  • Patient education and patient goal monitoring

e-Prescribing: Improve medication safety, enhance workflow and save time

  • Two-way pharmacy communications
  • Enhanced medication reconciliation
  • Accommodates 5010 coding and claim checking, as well as verification of patient-paid prescriptions

Clinical Dashboard: View your patient’s most pertinent data at once

  • Graphical views of clinical data

Image Management and Annotation: Save pictures, clinical images and anatomical diagrams

  • Mark up images and diagrams

Desktop Management: Manage your workload on your own terms

  • Remote access to messages, lab results, requests and more

Specialty-Driven Templates: Customize your EMR with ease

  • Convenient customization without relying on your IT staff
  • Physician Order Tracking: Have confidence in patient compliance
  • Monitor order statuses in detail

Device Connectivity: See clinical data from medical devices in real time

  • Direct data acquisition from diagnostic and monitoring equipment
  • Systems Integration and Interoperability: Explore a range of features and benefits
  • Open-architecture design
  • Bi-directional lab connectivity