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Our Team

Our Team is committed to providing the highest level of customer support and being on the cutting edge of the latest technologies.


Pat Mooney, Accounting, B.S. - C.E.O / Founding Partner / 40+ years Software Development, Medical Billing, IT support / Alabama Fan, Grandfather, Pompano Slayer

Nick Edwards - C.F.O / Founding Partner / 40+ years Software Development, Medical Billing, IT support / Auburn Fan, Grandfather, Techie GURU

Steve Loper - V.P. / Partner / 30+ years IT support, medical software support / Florida Fan, Grandfather, Fish Chaser    

Eddie FisherComputer Science, B.S., MSCE, CNP - C.T.O. / Partner / 20+ years IT Support, Networking, Security / 8 years Medical Software / Florida Fan, Husband, Waterman

Jonathan Cardenas, Apple Expert - Technician / 6+ years IT Support / Health Information Technology Student / Florida Fan, Techie Geek, Mountain Biker   

Dale Clark, MCSA / Desktop, Hardware, IT Support, Apple Expert / UWF Argo, RX-7 Nut