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Internet & Network Security

Security is one of the most complex tasks in all of IT, yet it is something many organizations neglect. Are you certain your IT environment is a fortress, not an open door?

If not, consider this: the number of Internet-based attacks on businesses nearly doubles each year, and cyber criminals are now targeting small to medium-size businesses because they rarely have adequate protection.

The MSI Solution: State-of-the-art security you never have to think about again

Your firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spam solution should negotiate entry and exit for employees and invited guests but render the network impervious to anyone with bad intentions. Given the number of Internet threats (more than 200 million new ones, each year), you cannot afford a single mistake.

Yet, managing intrusion detection, setting up firewall rules, and maintaining hardware, software and threat updates is incredibly complex and should only be performed by specially trained experts. That’s where we come in.


Managed Firewall: Implementing a standalone firewall device is a crucial first line of protection. MSI will negotiate the best possible price for an industry-leading device, match it to your environment, and configure it for both local and remote users. We then monitor and manage your firewall to ensure security events—not only external attacks but also careless employee behaviors—don’t result in damaging penetration of your defenses.


Secure Desktop: We use a comprehensive virus, spyware, and malicious exploit detection suite to secure end-user desktops.   Secure Desktop protects not only the PCs at your office but also the laptops of your remote workers, even when they connect at public Wi-Fi hotspots.  


Email Security: MSI provides a suite of anti-spam, virus and malware filtering for all your incoming and outgoing messages. These protection suites are taylored to in-house, bring-your-own-mail, or our Exchange hosted mail solutions.  Each solution provides granular control over spam, including personalized white and black lists, spam rule management, and one-click quarantine, eradicating spam while minimizing false positives. MSI also offers industry regulatory compiant solutions for  Email Security services, including encryption.