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Period Close with Purge Checklist - Medical Manager

End of Month Checklist

The following check list should be followed to properly close out each month except for the last month of your fiscal year. Do not run a monthly close if this is the last month of your financial year. You must run the yearly close with purge.

  • Input all items for the month
  • Run Daily Backup (Optional if automatic nightly backups)
  • Run Daily Close
  • Change date to first work date of new month.
  • Run System Financial Summary (5,2,8)
  • Run Guarantors Current Period A/R in Summary (5,2,5)
  • Run Guarantors Summary ONLY unapplied (5,2,1)
  • Check Totals* of the three reports to verify balance of system
    *If the totals do not balance, do not panic. The close can be completed and the totals corrected at a later date.
  • Run Insurance Plan Receipts (5,2,12,2)
  • Patient Payment Application Report (OPTIONAL)
  • Patient Statements
  • Run Backup and label it “Monthly Backup”  (Optional if running automatic daily backups)
  • Run Period Close (9,1)


NOTE: Reminder to archive insurance profiles at end of year. (/M2502)